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Congratulations on your purchase of the Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Single Dose System! Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Removing the Original Hopper: Begin by taking off the original hopper. Pay close attention to the position of the safety switch, as this will be important for later steps.
  2. Aligning the Locking Ring: Find the locking ring and align it with the screws on the hopper. This step ensures that the hopper will fit securely onto the grinder.
  3. Positioning the Switch Trigger: Make sure that the switch trigger on the locking ring aligns with the safety switch position you noted earlier.
  4. Securing the Locking Ring: Press down on the locking ring and twist it counterclockwise. This action locks the ring in place, ensuring a secure fit for the hopper.
  5. Attaching the Hopper: Now, screw the hopper onto the locking ring. Turn it counterclockwise to attach it securely.
  6. Ensuring Safety: Keep turning the hopper until the safety warning on the grinder turns off. Do not turn it too tight, just enough for the safety warning to turn off. This indicates that the hopper is properly installed and the grinder is safe to use.
  7. Adding Beans: Pour your desired amount of coffee beans into the hopper.
  8. Starting the Grinder: Turn on the grinder to start the grinding process.
  9. Releasing the Beans: Lift up the hopper slightly to allow the beans to fall into the grinding mechanism.
  10. Grinding Process: Let the grinder run until all the beans have been ground.
  11. Final Steps: Keep the grinder running, and give the bellow a few firm pushes. Continue until no more grind fines come out. This step ensures that all coffee is fully ground and ejected from the grinder.
  12. Completion: You are done! Your Mahlkonig X54 Grinder is now ready to use.

Enjoy your freshly ground coffee! Remember to clean and maintain your grinder regularly for the best performance.

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