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We were intrigued by a recent article on Mashed titled "Why Your Homemade Espresso Will Never Taste As Good As Your Favorite Cafe's, According To An Expert." The author's assertion that achieving café-quality espresso at home is an insurmountable challenge sparked our team's curiosity.

While it's true that many of us may not achieve the exact perfection of a professional barista's brew, we believe that with dedication and experimentation, we can come remarkably close, if not surpass it. Let's explore some of the points raised by the author with an open mind and thoughtful consideration.

Professional Baristas Develop a Sixth Sense:

While it's undeniable that experienced baristas possess a unique skill set, is their heightened sensory perception truly essential for enjoying a great cup of coffee? While perfecting the grind might require some trial and error, modern equipment such as a Single Dosing setup and a methodical approach can yield consistent results, even without the finesse of a seasoned pro.

Beyond Dialing In:

While attending cupping lessons and mastering the nuances of bean selection can enhance your coffee journey, ultimately, the perfect cup is subjective. Tailoring your brew to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a brighter or more acidic profile, is what truly matters. Your personal taste should guide your brewing process, not rigid standards set by others.

No At-Home Machines Compare:

Contrary to popular belief, today's home espresso machines boast advanced features that rival those found in commercial settings. While they may not handle high volumes like café-grade equipment, machines such as the Decent, Meticulous, or even the Breville Dual Boiler offer unparalleled customization options. Additionally, the importance of a quality grinder cannot be overstated, as it significantly impacts the flavor and consistency of your brew.


In conclusion, while the journey to achieving café-quality espresso at home may present challenges, it's certainly not an unattainable goal. By embracing experimentation, refining our techniques, and trusting our taste buds, we can savor a cup of coffee that rivals our favorite café's offerings. What are your thoughts on this topic? We invite you to share your experiences and insights!

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