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Mahlkonig X54 Single Dosing System (Advanced)


Upgrade your Mahlkonig X54 grinder to get near zero retention grind results similar to a Niche Zero or Ceado Hero with this Commercial Coffee Grinder Bellow and Single Dose Hopper!

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Check out the full review by Coffee expert Matt from Lifestyle lab to listen how much he loves this system!


The Mahlkonig X54 single dose upgrade add on features:

  • Grind 20g in and expect all 20g out in to your portafilter! Silicon bellow helps to flush grinds stuck in the grind chamber and chute. Get class leading low retention for your grinder!
  • For subsequent grinds you can expect more or less 0.1g difference between grinds giving you consistent brew extraction results
  • Bellow designed with open top to prevent back pressure sucking grinds back into grind chamber when the bellow returns back to original position compared to other closed bellow products
  • Single dose hopper lets you grind beans as you need them. No more stale overnight beans.
  • Comes in the advanced and low profile version, both with a compression molded silicon coffee grinder bellow, NOT a 3D printed bellow
  • Extremely tough silicon bellow tested for thousands of pumps. This lets you push out the max grinds from your grinder chamber time and time again.
  • Silicon is food safe and it is so tough that it will probably last longer than your grinder, no more breaking or cracking bellows.
  • Keep it as you upgrade your grinder as we also offer hoppers compatible with this bellow for many high end grinders including Mahlkonig, Fiorenzato, Eureka Mignon and more.
  • Plug and play replacement for the original hopper.

Set includes hopper and silicon bellow ONLY. Grinder not included!

Supports the Mahlkonig X54 grinders for single dosing with zero retention

Performance Test

The test was conducted by grinding 10 grams of beans one after another over 3 rounds, with and without the Single Doser and Bellow. The test shows wildly varying grind weight results without the single doser because of the amount of grind retention as well as old grinds being dislodged into the portafilter. The Single Doser and Bellow reduces this retention, so there would not be much left over to be dislodged or reduced between grinds, ensuring a much more consistent grind weight between grinds.

Round Without Single Doser With Single Doser
1 9.4 g 10.0 g
2 9.6 g 9.9 g
3 10.2 g 10.0 g

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