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Silicon Grinder Bellow for Blow Up Hopper. For Single Dose Grinders

Silicon Grinder Bellow (Black) for Blow Up Hopper

Brand : SingleDoseBrew

Commercial Silicon Grinder Bellow for single dose with our other products. This bellow now comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY. It is made with compression moulded silicon, NOT 3D print.

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Please note you must have bought our hopper adapter for this to work with most grinders. Also supports most 65mm burr grinders such as EK43, Mazzer, Mahlkonig and so on. Please ensure your grinder inlet is either:

  • (A) 70mm inner diameter plus minus 1mm OR
  • (B) 60mm outer diameter.

If it fits either of the above then the bellow will work by fitting inside or outside of your grinder inlet.


Here is why we do not 3D print our bellows

3D printing bellows would have been easy, but we chose to do it the hard way with Compression Moulded Silicon to give you quality and long lasting pumping to outlive your grinder. It even comes with limited Lifetime Warranty as well!

Dimension (L x W x H) 8 x 8 x 9 Centimetre
Weight 200 Gram

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Happy to share. This silicon bellow works significantly better than the 3D bellow that I had
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